Although the Agricultural Show has been cancelled, we are pleased to announce the first Virtual & Onsite Show involving classes across the cooking, craft, hobbies, knitting, needlework and photography sections.

Competitions are separated into Virtual and Onsite classes.

Virtual classes are photo based competitions. To enter, begin the registration and select your classes. If your photo/s are ready, upload them when prompted and complete the entry. If your photo/s are not yet ready, you may pause the entry and return to complete later.

Onsite classes are for exhibits that need to be seen, touched, tasted, etc. Entries will be submitted via this site, with a scheduled delivery date for judging (w/c 18th Oct, lockdown permitting) If you know someone who is unable to enter online, there is a downloadable manual entry form, which can be completed and returned the the Show Society office.

Please note - All entries are subject to the By-Law Regulations of the Society