Environmental Health & Safety Regulations

(To be read in association with General Safety Regulations) 

Site holders and Showmen must give protection of the environment a high priority in all activities on site and must not commit any act that will place the Bendigo Agricultural Show Society Inc in breach of any regulation.  Any accidental spill or release of substances (including wastewater) which may contaminate or harm the environment must be immediately contained and then reported to the Secretary or Ground Manager.  No discharge of substances into the air, stormwater or sewers is permitted.

Where the work requires the disposal of any environmentally harmful substance, the Site holders and Showmen shall be responsible for the removal, transport and disposal in accordance with all statutory regulations and laws, so as not to place BASS in breach of any regulation.

Tasks which require particular care include:
- Refuelling of engines of vehicles, generators, etc.
- Disposal of wastewater, cooking fats, etc.


  • All electrical equipment and appliances (power tools, extension leads, etc) must conform to all relevant statutory authorities’ requirements. 
  • Earth Leakage Protection / Residual Current Devices must be used in conjunction with all power tools and extension leads. 
  • Extension leads must be fixed overhead away from pedestrian or vehicular traffic or covered by cable protectors.
  • Extension leads and appliance leads MUST BE safety tested and tagged with the tag current for the period of the Show.
  • Any leads that require tagging on the day of the Show will be carried out at the expense of the Exhibitor. An Electrician John McClean will be on site for the duration of the Show and can be contacted on 0419 189 463.
  • All electrical works and appliances shall comply with relevant Australian Standards or they will be disconnected or removed.

Site holders and Showmen are to provide their employees with and enforce the wearing of, all safety equipment appropriate to the tasks being performed or as deemed mandatory to the Bendigo Agricultural Show Society Inc. This includes gloves, earmuffs, safety boots, safety glasses, facemasks, safety helmets, fall protection harnesses, etc in association with appropriate clothing.

Loose clothing, jewellery and unruly hair are dangerous near revolving machinery and personnel operating this equipment are to be suitably clothed.

Site holders and Showmen are responsible for the conduct of their employees. Skylarking, throwing of objects, careless driving, abusive language, fighting on the site and/or grounds is prohibited.

It is mandatory for site holders and Showmen to have in place the following insurances:

  • Workers Compensation Insurance in accordance with the applicable legislative requirements.
  • Public and Product Liability Insurance with a limit of not less than $10,000,000 for any one occurrence.
  • Insurances for Plant and Equipment for which they are responsible.

Site holders and Showmen are responsible for securing their tools, equipment and property adequately, as well as the personal property of their employees, as the Bendigo Agricultural Show Society Inc. accepts no responsibility for damage or theft.

Site holders and Showmen must continually keep their areas clean of debris, packaging materials, etc and place all waste in the provided bins.

Every effort is to be made to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle materials.

All LPG cylinders are to be secure, safely installed, tested and ventilated.

The Site holders / Showmen and their employees shall possess licences, registrations and certificates in accordance with all relevant Federal, State and local government requirements relative to their sites and operations.

Equipment and vehicles shall be registered or licensed in accordance with all Federal, State and local government requirements.

The Site holder and Showmen shall maintain a list of licensed operators for all equipment requiring operating licences, together with all licence numbers.

Amusement structures and rides must comply with relevant Australian Standards, in AS 3533 – 1997, and follow a Risk Assessment authorised by Work Cover.

All operations must be within safe work practices and to licences / competencies.

Particular attention must be paid to load shifting equipment and elevating work platforms, including correct maintenance and operation and use of safety equipment.

There is a vast array of Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice, Standards, etc to comply with or use as guides.

The Society expects that Site holders and Showmen will perform their work safely and assist the Bendigo Agricultural Show Society Inc., as a team, to achieve maximum compliance through cooperation and diligence.

In March 2010 WorkSafe Victoria introduced the OH&S [Prevention of Falls] Regulations 2010. 

All guild members need to familiarise themselves with the regulations and the “Code of Practice- Prevention of Falls in General Construction”. Both of which are available from WorkSafe Victoria. It is the responsibility of members of the Showmen’s Guild to ensure that they have appropriate and adequate prevention measures in place BEFORE any erection of equipment commences at the Bendigo Agricultural Show site. Erection of scaffolding is subject to separate statutory requirements, and these are to be adhered to at all times, particularly the fitting of access ladders, kickboards and handrails.

Working at heights: There are regulations for working at heights 2 metres & above. Exhibitors must ensure they comply with WorkSafe regulations when working above 2 metres. Guidelines for the use of ladders are set out in the OH&S [Prevention of Falls Regulations 2004 and the companion Code of Practice]. Additionally, all ladders shall conform to the appropriate Australian Standards, be maintained in safe condition, and be tied off when in use.  Aluminium ladders shall not be used for electrical work.

If there is risk or harm to either personnel or the environment, the Site holders and Showmen shall provide to the Secretary the Material Safety Data Sheet for the substance for approval, prior to use.

Flammable and combustible materials shall only be stored in approved containers, labelled with contents as per relevant regulations.

Painting is NOT permitted on any surface, which is the property of the Bendigo Agricultural Show Society Inc. Similarly, Site holders and Showmen should restrain from driving any nails or screws into any surface, which is the property of the Bendigo Agricultural Show Society Inc. for safety reasons (to avoid contacting electrical cables, water pipes, etc).

No calico signs or flammable drapes in any material will be allowed and the use of cardboard, crepe paper or plastic as lining for a stand/display is prohibited.

A number of Site holders’ and Showmen’s activities have been assessed as of higher risk and require additional attention to safety and environmental aspects:

  • Amusement Rides - All safety regulations and requirements of relevant authorities are to be complied with in the erection, securing, operation and dismantling of this equipment. 
  • Equipment Guarding - All machine guards are to be maintained in a safe condition and be securely fitted to equipment before any equipment is operated. The equipment must be stopped before any guard is to be removed and an authorised person following safe procedures must only remove it. 
  • Additionally, prevention of falls as determined in section 10 must be implemented for the construction/erection of this type of equipment.

Access to aisle ways and pathways to all Emergency Exits and firefighting equipment are to be kept totally clear at all times. External exits of doors from buildings are to be regularly checked for clear space. At all times, there must be access along all roadways for fire fighting vehicles and other emergency services vehicles. [It is not permissible for ticket-boxes etc to protrude onto roadways etc and to block the safe access of these vehicles. Objects that protrude at height such as prize displays must also not protrude in the air space above roadways].

All food vendors (exposed and packaged) must adhere to City of Greater Bendigo Health Regulations, Registrations and Bylaws and be registered with Streatrader. 

For further information from the Health Department Ph: 03 5434 6000