Rules & Regulations

1.    Entry fees must be paid for your entry to be valid.
2.    All stated entry fees, membership fee and associated charges are inclusive of gst.
3.    Please ensure you supply all information asked for.  When entering animals, please supply all details request.
4.    Please ensure that your correct postal and email addresses are given to receive confirmation of entries and a schedule for the next Show.
5.    Carefully read the rules and instructions relating to your particular section entry to ensure your entries are entered correctly and in the appropriate classes.
6.    Prize money in the Handcrafts and Flowers sections will be paid at the time the exhibits are collected.  All other sections will be paid as per the section details.
7.    Exhibits may only be collected as stated or by arrangement with the Chief Steward of the relevant section or the Secretary.  Hours for collection are detailed in the individual Section Regulations and on your entry confirmation email.

BY LAW REGULATIONS - Governing the Conduct of the Show
1.    No exhibit shall be received without a Proof of Entry, together with entry fees, on or before the entry closing date. The Secretary will acknowledge entry fees by returning the exhibitor an entry confirmation. The Secretary shall have the power to extend the date of entry in any section.
2.    The Committee of the Society reserves the right of refusing or canceling any entry without giving reasons for so doing.
3.    Exhibit tickets may be sent by post, but in special circumstances can be obtained from the Secretary’s Office at the Bendigo Showgrounds, on the day prior to the Show.
4.    Unless otherwise specified, all exhibits must be the property of the exhibitor.
5.    The same exhibit cannot enter or compete in two sections except where specially permitted.
6.    The Committee reserves the right of adjudicating on any questionable entry, or any matter not provided for in the General Conditions and Regulations of the Society.
7.    In cases of adverse weather, or any cause whatsoever, the Committee reserves the right to vary or alter or amend any competition, display or postpone same to another date should same be considered to be essential.
8.    Members are entitled to reduced entry fees where stated, providing that the subscription is paid on or before the closing entry date.
9.    All entries must be delivered to and removed from the Society’s grounds at the cost of the exhibitor.
10.  Exhibitors or their agents must (if required) point out to the Steward their respective exhibits in order that they may be identified and classified, before being submitted to the judges.
11.  No exhibit will be admitted into the Society’s grounds unless the attendant is in possession of the Secretary’s proof of entry, and each exhibit, when it enters the grounds, must be delivered to the correct location.
12.  Exhibitors shall arrange their exhibits under the direction of the Stewards or the Secretary, an no exhibit shall afterwards be removed without hte sanction of the Secretary under a penalty not exceeding $50.00 or the forfeiting of prize money.
13.  The Committee shall have the power to retain the exhibit until such fine is paid.  
14.  When the judge(s) consider an exhibit in any class to not be of sufficient merit to deserve a prize, no prize will be awarded. Judges may award a second or third prize if they consider no exhibit worthy of a first prize.
15.  Should a judge have reason to doubt the bona fide of any exhibit, they shall refer to the stewards, who shall make inquiries and secure proof before the award is made.
16.  The Committee may withhold any prizes when statements regarding the exhibits are proved to be erroneous, or when an exhibit has not been in accordance with these regulations, and the exhibitor or exhibitors found guilty of false entries or statements shall be liable to be barred from competing again.
17.  Judges may recommend to the Committee to award a special prize should they consider any exhibit deserving.
18.  All Perpetual Trophies will be awarded under the following conditions:  The Winners name shall be inscribed on the Trophy which is retained by the Society unless special permission is obtained from the Secretary.
19.  Any prize left unclaimed for longer than 14 days shall be forfeited and canceled by the Society.
20.  Should there be any reason to suspect an exhibit is either diseased or dangerous, the Society reserves the right of refusing admittance to or removing the same from the grounds at the expense of the exhibitor.
21.  Once delivered, all exhibits must remain during the duration of the Show, unless permission has been received, in writing, from the Society.
22.   All exhibits of machinery must be securely guarded as to be safe to every person.  The Society shall not be liable for damages as a result of any accident or contravention of this by-law.
23.  Any protest against any exhibit or the judge’s decision must be made in writing and lodged with the Secretary before judging commencement. The sum of $50.00 must accompany the protest, and this shall be forfeited and become the property of the Society, if, in the opinion of the Committee, the protest is frivolous.
24.  Where there is no competition in any class or section, no prizes may be awarded unless the judge certifies to special merit.
25.  Any competitor in arena or horse sections putting their animal(s) in any unauthorised stall will be liable to disqualification by the Stewards.
26.  Competitors in all Sections (including Arena) will compete at their own responsibility and risk.
27.  Entry fees paid will not be refunded under any circumstances. 
28.  By completing a competition entry you agree to abide by the terms and conditions as outlined above.