Trade Exhibitor Terms & Conditions



  • Must be returned by Friday 8th September 2023 (Food Trade Applications) or Friday 22nd September 2023 (Trade Applications) or regular sites will be subject to re-letting.
  • Applications will be accepted on the Society’s Commercial Space Application Form only via post, email or online via  
  • Priority will be given to past exhibitors with consideration of new applications based on application date and product offering.
  • Any application for space is not necessarily accepted.
  • Allocation of space is at the discretion of the Bendigo Agricultural Show Society.
  • The Society reserves the right to relocate any site holder as it deems fit.


Pavilions will be open for setting up as follows:

  • Wednesday 23rd October 9am- 5pm & Thursday 24th October 9am - 7pm
  • Exhibits/Stalls must be in place by 9am Friday 25th October
  • Exhibitors must stay for the duration of the Show and remain open for business from 9am – 9pm each day.  
  • Please Note: Exhibitors will not be permitted to bump in unless full payment has been received.
  • Any site holder packing up and/or leaving early may jeopardise future trade space opportunities at this and affiliated shows.
  • Exhibitors are required to provide their own equipment for unloading/loading goods as Showground’s equipment will not be available for use.

Site holder’s vehicles are not permitted in any Public area prior to 9pm each night of the Show. Site holders must carry items to their vehicles prior to this time.

Exhibitors must list all product lines/services that they wish to display or sell. Every effort is made to ensure there are no exhibitors with similar product lines in the immediate vicinity. If there are a number of site holders offering the same product, applications will be accepted at the discretion of the Show Society. Please note: Acceptance of Application is not guaranteed.

Show bag standards will be in accordance with standard set by the Royal Agricultural Show Society and the Royal Melbourne Show. Only RASV approved show bags and products may be sold. Show bag sites are allocated by agreement only with the Society.

Overnight security will be provided and pavilions close at 9pm each evening. One roller door will be reopened between 7.30am and 9.00am each morning of the Show for site holders to stock or set up their stalls. Public will not have access and site holders and/or staff will need to carry suitable identification to identify themselves during this time. Exhibitors are responsible for security of personal belongings including commercial stock during bump in, during the Show and bump out.

An administration fee of $55 will be retained for cancellations made 3 weeks prior to the Show. Exhibitors cancelling sites less than 3 weeks before Show day will forfeit all fees if the allocated site is not able to be reallocated to another site holder. 
During the Show BASS reserves the right to cancel any commercial site by notice served on an exhibitor. This permit cancellation may occur:

  • In the event of an occurrence of happening which, in the opinion of the Secretary, justifies such action;
  • If the Exhibitor is in breach of any of the Exhibitor’s Rules & Conditions;
  • If the Exhibitor does not occupy the site(s) at the commencement of and during the full period of the Show.
  • The Society will not be liable to pay the Exhibitor any compensation, whether on the grounds of loss of profit or otherwise, or refund any money paid by the Exhibitor in respect of such cancellation.

In accordance with the Society’s charter to promote a family atmosphere and entertainment, we request that site holders respect the spirit of this charter and refrain from selling and exhibiting items of explicit and obscene nature or items promoting or referring to prohibited substances. The Society reserves the right to request that a site holder remove any item deemed to contravene with this condition.


Items that are specifically banned in agreement with VAS Ltd and Victorian Showmen’s Guild are as follows:

  • Fireworks or Crackers
  • Explicit and Hardcore T-shirts
  • Explicit DVDs and Videos
  • Fake cigarettes
  • Fuel type fire lighters (Zippo)
  • Iridescent hair spray
  • Horns & Trumpets
  • Knives of any description (including pen knives)
  • Metal & Wooden martial art nun chucks
  • Laser Penlights, Pointers and or Laser Toys
  • Playing Cards – nude or lewd
  • Pressure pack items including gas (all types) snow, silly string
  • Water pistols (longer than 150mm)
  • Water bombs, Stink bombs, bomb bags & fire wallets
  • Toy Guns are acceptable however the following are not allowed
    • Guns – pellet, ball bearing, bullet type, pop downs, cap, potato, gel blaster
    • Caps – 8 shot, roll, strip
  • Drug Related Goods (including Cocaine kits & Bongs, etc)
  • Samurai Swords, English Swords and Fencing Swords are to be sold in Sealed Packages by Licensed Traders ONLY.

These items may not be sold as part of the above agreement.

Please Note: It is the site holder’s responsibility to ensure they are compliant with the laws in regard to the sale of novelty items, as per the current Dangerous Goods Act, and that an illegal item is not displayed/sold at the Show. Banned or illegal items will be confiscated. The names of the Site holder’s found selling banned items will be circulated to all other Societies and Police.


There is no parking available close to the pavilions.  All vehicles must be unloaded and removed from around the pavilions as soon as possible and before 9am each day.  Car parking is available in the designated site holders’ car park.



  • 2 Site holder passes will be issued for each standard 3m x 3m site.
  • 2 additional pass will be issued for each extra 3m frontage up to 12m (for example a 6m x 3m –will receive 4 passes, 9m x 3m – will receive 6 passes, 12m x 3m will receive 8 passes). A maximum 8 passes issued.
  • Additional passes for site holders can be pre-purchased for employees upon application or can be obtained from the Secretary’s Office.
  • Passes cost for the Show (2 days) $16.50 (incl GST), (1 Day) $11.00 (incl GST).


  • Internet access and the provision of dividers, tables and any other display materials are the site holder’s responsibility and cost.
  • The Society shall not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred by the site holder whilst on the show site.
  • NOISE - The use of amplifiers or loud speakers by any site holder is prohibited without prior written approval of the Society.  Music/audio products must be kept at a reasonable level.
  • Any site holder unable to attend may apply in writing for a refund. Any refund will depend on whether the site can be re-let. Refunds will be attended to after the completion of the Show and will be subject to a minimum administration fee (normally $55.00 per site).
  • In the event of the contact person nominated on the application form is unable to attend the Show, the Secretary’s Office must be notified by phone and a new contact advised. The new contact person or persons will need to carry a letter from the site holder, to identify him or herself with contact details and to authorise them to deal with suppliers, etc. (Show bag site holders need to comply with this condition.)


  • Exhibitors must demonstrate a positive approach towards the public, each other and the Bendigo Show.
  • Exhibitors must participate both days of the Bendigo Show for the advertised opening hours.  Sites will not be allocated for periods of less than 2 days of the Show.
  • All goods and products sold or exhibited on the day should be of good quality and presentation.  Sale prices are to be kept in a realistic and affordable range.
  • All cash transactions and sale fo goods are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • Exhibitors must notify the Society of additional equipment being used (e.g. cool rooms etc and power requirements).
  • Exhibitors must ensure tension leads/electrical equipment is tested and tagged for the period of the show and secure away from traffic and pedestrians.
  • Exhibitors are permitted to provide their own signage for backdrop purposes; however, they are not to be fixed to the wall panels by screws or nails.
  • The Society reserves the right to refuse entry or close down any exhibitor site that does not comply with the Exhibitor General Rules and Conditions of Entry.
  • No individual raffle or giveaway prizes are permitted without the organiser's consent and correct permits.
  • Compliance: Exhibitors must comply with the direction given by the Secretary or the Site Coordinator whilst the Exhibitor occupies the site.
  • Wall panels must not be screwed or marked in any manner.

Is permitted but sub-letting of space is not permitted.  Please note that if the site is shared the site holder passes must also be shared or additional passes must be purchased.


  • Installations shall be no more than 1,000 Watts per stand unless an additional fee of $66(including GST) is paid.
  • Electrical lead and fixtures are the responsibility of the site holder.
  • All electrical equipment must be tested and tagged.
  • Power points are allocated on a “first come first served” basis.

Proof (copy) of adequate public risk insurance must be provided when lodging Site Application Form.

The Victorian Food Act (1984) requires all food premises and food vehicles to be registered with the Local Council, it is the site holder’s responsibility to comply with Council regulation in this area.

  • Show bag operators should note that this regulation would apply to their sites if show bags contained foodstuffs or drinks. In completing the application, please specify all items for sale to avoid any unnecessary duplication of goods and services.
  • Food vendors should note that some food or drink items might be subject to sponsorship arrangements. Site holders are requested to check their product lines against local arrangements. (All successful food vendors will be notified of these arrangements.) Food vendors (other than Showmen) are not permitted to sell Waffles, Toffee Apples, Dagwood Dogs, Fairy Floss or ice-based drinks such as slushies and snow cones.
  • Food vendors are required to use recyclable cutlery, plates, containers, etc.

In accordance with our obligations to the City of Greater Bendigo Environmental Policy, the Bendigo Agricultural Show Society Inc encourages the use of reusable, recyclable and compostable packaging and utensils.  Please do not use single use plastics and non-recyclables.

Once accepted, an invoice will be issued and must be paid on receipt.

Any site holder camping in Central Area must pay $25.00 per day, (including GST) per van for the period of the Show days only and must comply with Ground Manager’s directions. Wastewater must NOT be dispensed unless directly connected to a waste or sewer pipe.

All charges listed in this application are inclusive of GST.